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colorado gun dogThere are various types and breeds for dogs and each of them has its own skills and character. For this reason, you have to give the appropriate way of taking good care of them to ensure that they will grow according to their character. To help you find an informative source to train, cheap automatic dog door and protect your gun dog from any forms danger, you have to visit

Colorado Gun Dogs has been the information website that tackles everything about hunting dogs. As you view this site, you are going to find different useful details that cover essential facts and points about gun dogs. It covers different topics that are focused on training and teaching your dogs on a particular condition.

In this website, dog owners will be enlightened about other effective approaches to give emphasis on the special abilities of the type of dog they owned. Colorado Gun Dogs Association is the best place to go when you want to save the life of your dog from any harm along their way. The fact that dog owners are not always on their pet’s side to guard and watch over them, there should be extra protection given to them.

You cannot always keep them in their invisible dog fence wire to ensure that they are secured and protected. Of course, you must give them time to play around and explore the surroundings. Through the presence of Colorado Gun Dogs Association, you can get some applications to train and teach your dog to avoid and fear other dangerous animals such as rattlesnakes.

The team of this association aims to prepare the dogs for various dangerous animals that they may encounter. This is the most advisable things to do when you want to save effort and money. This is due to the fact that the site does not lead costly and huge veterinarian bills. Almost all dog types cannot notice or recognize rattlesnakes as risky and dangerous. In fact, many of them are still attracted to these snakes because of their curiosity, odor and sound of rattlesnakes.

This website is searching for dog owners and dogs that never experienced these kinds of training before. Colorado Gun Dogs Association continually introduces its service among different dog owners who are interested in trying the best guide to train their dogs. This website had also organized clinics and trainings to provide everybody an exceptional opportunity to make their dogs ready for any danger that may strike them.

By simply visiting this website, all dog owners from various parts of the world will get helpful insights on how to train, get dog fence wire essential for training and protect their dog in some specific forms of dangers. Colorado Gun Dog Club has been established by the association to provide a particular place for hunters who want to train the dogs. Thus, they do not have to worry about the appropriate and safe place for them to train their dogs. All they need is to take advantage of the service offered by Colorado Gun Dogs Association before it is too late.

All About Colorado Gun Dogs

If you are looking for a training that can save your dog’s life, the Colorado Gun Dogs Association is the best for you to choose. Colorado is known as a place for many rattlesnakes. Each year, veterinarians treat dogs which have been bitten during local hiking trails by these dangerous and tricky rattlesnakes. In fact, one dog was killed by a bite of a rattlesnake in Castlewood Canyon State Park during the year 2011. However, there is now a way to prevent them from encountering these situations and this is by participating in the Rattlesnake Avoidance Seminars and Clinic. It is being featured during weekends at the International Sportsmen’s Exposition in Colorado Denver. You can register in these trainings by logging at their official website,

The Colorado Gun Dogs Association is taking applications to teach and train your dogs to fear and avoid the dangerous rattlesnakes. For all dog owners and dog lovers, it is important to know that these trainings are organized and held at certain places and time. This well-organized association and gun dog protection group trains all dogs with varying breeds to deal with real rattlesnakes and survive most of the misfortunes that may happen to them.

The goal of the team is to prepare and make the dogs ready enough for some dangerous rattlesnake encounters that are extremely probable these days. This can save you lots of money and effort because it will not lead to huge and costly veterinarian bills and this can save your dog’s life and body as well. Almost all types of dogs do not recognize or notice a rattlesnake as dangerous and risky. Most of them are usually attracted to the snakes due to their curiosity or nosiness to the sound or odor of the snake. Colorado Gun Dogs Association is looking for dogs and dog owners that have not been through these types of training before. They spread messages that will be passed on to find people who are extremely interested in their offered services. The trainings and clinics are organized by the group for giving everyone the best chance to prepare their dogs before the rattlesnakes in Colorado come out this coming spring season.

The Colorado Gun Dog Club has the purpose of providing a place where hunters can have a safe and proper place to train their dogs and extend the hunting season. The group is striving to promote that dog breeds should not be used for personal gain or profit, but for game hunting and teaching and sharing it to others who share the same interest.

The group has also created other events which include the yearly Christmas parties, club shootouts and picnics, fundraiser events, barbecues and other assemblies such as the judging and clinic for the Snake Break and the rules clinics that discuss the ways on how to run the trials and the rattlesnake avoidance trainings.

The club has already owned approximately, more or less, 150 acres of secluded land areas which are 12 miles away from the north of Strasburg, Co with access 365 days per year (weather in good condition). The facilities owned by the group consist of a portal-potty for a whole year round convenience and while the trial season is on, customers are given the chance to access the club’s spacious and recreational club house that comes with a full complement of equipment for you and your dog’s enjoyment plus a well-functioning generator.

Colorado Gun Dogs now offers various types of organized clinics and training on comprehending and assessing dog trials as well as the dog training clinics that are made under the supervision of professional and expert dog trainers. This club also has an extensive network of seasoned hunters that are willing to impart and share their profound expertise and knowledge to all trainees. The team also offers big bird sources for the customers and members who are in need of individual training.

The Colorado Gun Dog Association holds the gun dog trials only from February to May each year. They have also organized novice or neophyte trials for beginners and individuals who are just starting in the field of dog hunts as well as more advanced and modernized dog hunt trials for your beloved powerful pets. These gun dog trials are established for enjoyable, fun and friendly competition and can also be used to serve as training or teaching experience for your dog and these are especially organized for the brand new members of the club. There are also awards compensated and given out every after trial, which gives an opportunity to the member to see the rewards for their and their dogs’ hard work. The Colorado Gun Dog group is also making ways to continuously prove the development of youth programs for the future progress of sports in Colorado. They encourage the citizens, especially the children and kids at heart, to help and participate in all programs they have organized for the welfare of the group.

Colorado Gun Dog Association has a booth located at the International Sportsman Exposition. This is built each year and you may check out all their programs and services out there. You may also visit them on their Demo Day that is held annually after the International Sportsman Exposition Show. This year Colorado Dog Show will expo with

So, you most probably don’t want to be mindless about the things that may happen to you and your dog. The Colorado Gun Dog Association simply wants you to be advanced with all the knowledge and skills that you have to know when it comes to the prevention of rattlesnake’s bite that has become very viral especially these coming seasons. You may visit their website,  and get more information about all the programs, trainings and other seminars they have organized just for you. The group has a goal to help all dog lovers and owners give protection to their dogs. If you want your dog to be safe at all times, then you can definitely benefit from the programs offered.


Training is very beneficial in making the dogs active, alert, and energetic. But is normally observed that the reward-based training is enjoyable for the dog and positively enhances the relationship between the dog and handler. The training process should start when the dog is still a puppy. During training, the retriever is taught a series of skills. Throughout the process, they are exposed to different environments and situations that help them to cope with the rigors of hunting. The key points and tactics of the training are:

  • How to retrieve?

Retrieval capability of the dogs varies from specie to specie. Some of the dogs retrieve naturally but some do not. In order to enhance the capability, focused trainings are needed to build the natural desire in the dogs to grab the bird and carry it. It will help to develop the instinct in the dogs to bring the bird to your hand. Such trainings are necessary to make your dog’s vision sharp and improve the mental capability. Force fetch system is very appropriate for those dogs that don’t want to retrieve naturally. This system largely depends on the maturity level of the dog and the training level in the field. The main purpose of this activity is to bring shot game back to his owner.

  • Enhance Mental Capability

In order to make your dog a best trained gun dog, various techniques based on e-collaring are used to give it learning. Teaching a dog with e-collar is much easy and different than punishing the dog with e-collar. It is one of the best recommended ways to give learning on how to react and take instincts on actions. It is very beneficial in enhancing the mental capability of the dog.
Unity and Discipline
When all the dogs work together as a team you think that your training is supposed to be successful and productive. In this case, a unity and discipline is observed by the dogs when a lead dog established a set point to ponder or take an action. By this, dogs are able to best memorize all the concepts by watching his partner honor that point. They perform better by following one another and keep them aligned on one point. It is just a form of respect to your hunting party to have a dog that will not steal or bust in on the bird when the lead dog is already standing on point.

  • Ability to Remain Silent

It is very important to develop the skills and ability in the dog to remain silent when got excited. This is the situation when you fire and have the hunted bird in hand. In this case, it is necessary to remain focused and close to the prey as it fells so that dogs can quickly respond. Such type of skills is normally developed in the early age of the dog because small dogs are quicker and learn easily.
Thus, all such training focuses on developing the skills and abilities in the dog. The above-mentioned cognitive skills are the natural instincts that are needed to harness the dogs in the field so that they become capable of team work. Consider a wireless fence most home owners are unable to walk their dogs more than 2-3 times per week. Dogs who have spacious areas to freely roam in many cases can work independently from their handlers and are able to continuously hone their skill levels.


Most of the companies are now focusing on giving the birddog training to the gun dogs. But in this case, the first mission is to remove the threat of gun sound from the dog’s mind and make it gun jagged. These trainings focus on enhancing the dog’s understanding and potential in the actual field by speaking the dog’s language during training and hunting. In order to be successful for the dog, it is critical that owners be involved. Dogs are not machines and even the best-trained dog needs their handler to be a leader.
In order to make your training program successful, keep in mind that you must be aware of your own body language. The precision and timing of every gesture and every move sends a message to your dog. It should be in time so that dog can learn the best at its pace. Training must focus on the dog’s natural instincts to be the best bird dog they can be. Such type of training is very valuable in developing the true relation ship with the owner.
One other aspect that should be keep in mind is always respects your dog and gives value to the nature and characteristics of it. It will preserve the dignity of the dog that will be very advantageous in keeping your dog in line with your training. It will help to increase the confidence level in the dog that will result in positive outcomes. Thus, the factor of fear, anxiety, and fright is minimized in the dogs, which create a true bond to do hunting in partnership.
Effective training opportunities help the owners to have more enjoyable experiences with the upland hunting dogs and dog itself enjoy the training. Such type of training are very useful in making your pet into a confident, controllable, successful hunting dog you can be proud of.
If you are planning to have your dog trained, it is best to start early. The best time and age to start the training for gun dog is about 3 months old to set up a time at to introduce your puppy live birds. Giving your puppy early experience with birds will greatly improve their trainability. It will be an opportunity to become your dog your best hunting partner.
The most important factor in gun dog training is the choice of a puppy, which means that which breed you are going to take and of which age. The choice of breed should be determined by the type of shooting that the gun dog will be used for. However, personal preferences play a vital role in this regard. For rough shooting where the game is mainly walked up with thick cover that requires a hunting dog to flush the game then ‘spaniels’ are the best choice.
One important thing is the age to start the gun dog training. The best one is the age of eight months. This allows the gun dog puppy to have a carefree period developing self-confidence and becoming comfortable with the world around him. It helps to develop the socialization skills in it. They learn very well and their capacity to memorize things is very good at this age. Moreover, many gun dog puppies will start to swim at an early age especially in summer.



Sometimes if owners react to ‘unwanted’ behavior by yelling or getting angry they may unintentionally reinforce the behavior. Dogs basically need the attention, care, and affection from its owner. And they simply reinforce the unwanted behavior. For some dogs, any form of attention or reaction from the owner is better than no reaction at all. This same pattern is beneficial while giving the training to the gun dogs. So, some of the basic principles of training are as follow: 
Analyze the Mental Level
Before going to the extensive training of the gun dogs, it is necessary to analyze the mental capability of the dogs because dogs vary considerably in the rate at which they learn. Similarly, age does matter in the training but it may be one of the biggest factors in learning. So, when you analyze the mental health of the dogs you are able to give them appropriate training. It will also help out to increase the retention and response level in the dogs.
Show Consistency
While treating the dog it is essential to be consistent for the trainer. Any how it is not as such easy to fall in trap by having the same set of rules for the same occasion over the long period of time. In this regard, one must be patient to focus on the same training for multiple times. It will help to increase the preservation of the dog’s mind. Moreover, continuous acts help to memorize by the dogs.
Be Predictable
It is very necessary that trainer should be predictable and long sighted so that he would be able to analyze the acts of the dogs before it actually happen. It helps to take the precautionary measures in advance. In case of dogs, they should never be able to predict its handler’s command so it is better not to adopt similar and identical routine every day. By this, you are able to broaden the mind of the dog while choosing the best option. This pattern is more beneficial in giving trainings and exercises. By the non-monotonous ways, dogs are able to predict the next move, which you are going to take.
Test and Re-test
Once you have given the training to the dogs, take the test of the dog in different ways to the given training to analyze the performance of the dogs. For example, if the dog has been commanded to “stay” and he performed well, after some time, you can again commanded to stay. This will help to memorize the dog how it has to stay. And it is commonly said that repeated actions increase the memorizing capability. In addition, if minor mistakes come in observation, it will be corrected by various acts doing repeatedly at various intervals. Thus, these acts help to remove the lapses and gaps in trainings.
Such types of trainings not only make your dog capable in the hunting patterns but also make them disciplines and sophisticated in their daily routines as well. Moreover, this is the form of extra exercises that is good for the physical and mental health of your dog. By this, dog remain active, smart, and intelligent by judging the situation and taking corrective actions.


Training is an important part of any dog’s life, and is important for several reasons. It provides mental stimulation, which helps to keep your dog happy, and if combined with morning exercise, your dog will be mentally and physically fit to do the daily activities. Similarly, training is must for gun dogs to know the way to treat the danger and any possible threat. In this regard, various organizations are participating in giving the training to gun dogs. While giving the training, following aspects should be considered:

  • Socialization

Here socialization means to make your dog learn how to interact with the world around him like other dogs, people, and other animals. This is very helpful activity in making your dog a hunting companion. There is no such activity, which makes your dog sharp and quick specie while having the contact with the real world but only Colorado trainings give the right means for interaction in the real world. This gives your dog a bold feeling. It is much better that you start trainings to the younger ones so that he would be trained enough to expose to as many situations as possible.

  • Obedience

It is one of the major factor on which dog must have to be trained. In this aspect, training is given on understanding the commands like kennel, here, whoa, heel, no, turn, and fetch. Actually, this is the building tool that is based on the verbal commands, which help to establish the control in the field. It makes your dog active, docile, and well trained at all levels and paces. Extensive training helps to make the whole process effective and make your dog quick and active.

  • Bird Introduction

This training differs from specie to specie in which a bird is introduced to the dog based on his level of maturity. It helps to enhance the positive feelings and desires in the dog to become a better bird finder. Thus, better training makes the dogs able to get ample bird work while staying at their own pace.

  • Gun Introduction

While giving the training on the gun introduction, a dog is introduced to the sound of the gun fire. This training helps to keep the nerves of the dog in control so that he won’t be scared with the loud bang. First of all, evaluate the nature of the dog that you have to train. It will help you out to determine the method of training to be adopted. Thus, this training helps to make your dog hard and tough in sense of hunting companion.

  • Pointing techniques

It is a step wise approach that gives the training on how to stand alert and hold the bird until the desired released time. In this training, timing and repetition are the key focus elements. All the means of training focuses the learning on when it is going to move, bust, chase, sit, leave, and blink a bird. This need patience and takes time to learn. Thus, a lot of time will be spent in working the dog in this process but make it sure that training must be understandable to the dog so that the results should be positive and fruitful.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise and did I mention Exercise duh.

I personally use a heavy duty dog fencing wire system at my house. Now I know I’m gonna here from every liberal under the sun how cruel and unusual these types of systems are, but you know what my dog is the leanest meanest hunting machine because he runs from sun up to sun down all day long, while other hunters cage their dogs…hmm lets think about that my dog actually gets 5-6 times as much exercise as my other hunter friends whose dogs get to go for a lousy hour walk every night. Bottom line professional athletes train and train, no different than your sporting dog. makes for the best performing hunting dogs. I would however definitely suggest the best performing type of invisible fence wiring you can afford, used the cheaper stuff ended up having to replace it in under a year..just my opinion.

How to Train Hunting Dogs to Hunt Rabbits


Hunting has been an activity of human community since the beginning of mankind. The most first reference of hunting points to the paintings that are painted on walls and stones by the ancient people. The ancient people do hunting for their survival and as mean of food. From the ancient times people have trained and used hunting dogs for the hunting. Hunting dogs plays a major role in hunting rabbits, tigers, wild birds and other animals.As time shifted on, hunting shifted from the survival to a sports activity in many places, and rabbit hunting or bunny hunting became commonly well-known. Training dogs to hunt rabbits is not very difficult task, but needs a lot a skill and effort to do it. Below are some very useful tips that are very useful in training process of hunting dogs:

  • Start your dog’s training when he is younger. In many hunting dog kinds, such as Beagles, the hunting intuition is very powerful and can be optimized if the puppy has shown the rabbits around 13 several weeks of age. By this age, the dog will have his taken a much of vaccination and is at a much reduced chance of acquiring diseases while hunting rabbits training.
  • Select your rabbit hunting field and take your dog within the exercise field. Fit your dog’s training invisible fence collars  and lead to him and tie him to a protected place as you present the pet rabbit to him. Grasp the rabbit carefully and allow your dog to smell him, becoming aware with the fragrance of rabbit. Pet rabbits are more slowly than wild rabbits and often have immense fragrance for your pup to adhere to, making them simpler to search and find.
  • Loosen your dog and allow him to track to the rabbit around, following it and choosing up the fragrance as the rabbit goes towards the field. Give your dog the “track” order to follow the rabbit fragrance so that he becomes familiar with smell of rabbit and following the smell with looking for rabbit as his training move forwards.
  • Examine your huge exercise place, for any junk that might hurt your pet animals. Your exercise field should be completely surrounded by fencing little enough to keep both your dog and rabbit from getting out of the exercise field. Most exercise fields are anywhere from 1 miles to 5 miles in dimension, although any huge place that will allow the dog to easily and freely chase rabbit is good.
  • Keep your dog and rabbit loosen in the exercise field together and gives your puppy the track and finding order of rabbit. He should easily smell out the rabbit and chase it around the exercise field. Make sure to stay within vision of the dog so that he is remaining targeted and is not diverted as the bunny runs in the exercise field. If your dog grabs the rabbit, take it away easily to avoid the dog or rabbit from harming each other.


Gun dog training is one of the most demanding and difficult tasks now days. Moreover, it seemed to be a difficult task to train and become your pet dog a gun dog. But if you want to be like this, you dog must require equal amount of desire, natural intelligence, and good blindness coupled with training from the experienced trainer. Anyhow, the natural attributes of the dog matters a lot in becoming the gun dog through intense and meticulous training. And luckily, if you have the pointing dog or retriever, then you have the golden chance to train your dog to the peak of its abilities and make it best gun dog. But it could only be possible if you have wide spread knowledge, experience, and facilities for training.
To become a gun dog trainer, you must have the high level of skills and abilities along with the natural affinity with the dogs. This highly skilled trade requires patience, physical fitness, and good communication skills to be successful at this job. Only those, who have the natural talent and great affiliation with the dogs, are triumphant in this field. In order to train the gun dog, one must have relatively good grasp on the shooting environment and ability to control the out of order situation. He must have the capability to normalize the dog when it got scared with the loud sound of shot of gun. He must have to focus on developing the great relationship with the dog so that dogs become self confident and poised in their own personality.
Although this profession seems old and steeped in tradition, but it is well demanded profession among the dog lovers and hunters. In this case, certain specific breeds of dogs are more proficient at training and learning tactics. Common breeds selected for the gun dogs are retrievers, spaniels, pointers, and setters.
It is the role of the gun dog trainer to ensure that the dogs serve the sportsmanship spirit well. This can be a high pressure job especially in those cases when lots of people are involved on a particular shoot. In this regard, dog handler must have to ensure that he had the complete control over his dog. If you have the untrained dog, then all shooting day will go in ruin. So, train your dog from well trained trainer, who has the complete knowledge, wisdom, and experience on becoming the gun dog.
A lot of training and experience is required before a person is ‘valid’ as a gun-dog trainer. There is no one specific route to become a gun-dog trainer. For this, “train the trainer” programs are conducted that can be taught either online or through various organizations. Thus, who have the interest, will and desire to become the gun dog trainer must avail the facility and specialize in the training of gun dogs. But always take that task as a challenge in life. It will lead them towards the success and achievement in form of best trainer.

Hunting Dogs

A special breed in dogs that helps in hunting. At times, these dogs go with human for hunting and help them to get their hunting body. Masters have classified hunting dogs in different types.
These are:

  • Hounds
  • Terriers
  • Dachshunds
  • Cur type dogs
  • Gin dogs

Above dogs types are further sub divided into different categories, based on their energy and qualities.

Breeds Used in Hunting:
Here you will know about the categories of hunting dogs with examples and their skills.

Hounds are the type of dogs that have sensitive noses. They help hunters to locate small animals like squirrels and rabbits etc. hey are Intelligent, friendly and highly alert. Moreover, They are also used to track criminals, because they have great and sensitive smelling power
Dogs in these breeds are

  • Afghan hound
  • Basset hound
  • Black and Tan Coon Hound
  • Blood Hound
  • American Foxhound
  • Grey Hound
  • Norwegian Elkhound
  • red tick
  • red bone and blue tick

They are sub divided into two categories:

  • Sight hounds
  • Scent hounds

Sight hounds:
They are famous for their visual activities and high speed. They use “coursing method” to prey the animal. The prey is located from a distance, followed and then killed very quickly.

Scent hounds:
They hunt by their smelling ability. They are used to track the animal. They have wide and booming barks used to trap the animal.

They are used by the casual gamers. They are small game hunters and use shotguns in the procedure. Examples are: Chesapeake Bay Retriever, English Setter, English Cocker Spaniel, German Shorthaired, Poodle
Gundogs are further classified into

  • Retrievers
  • Flushing spaniels
  • Pointing breeds

These dogs locate, track and return the shot game to the hunters. They can spend long time in the hunting. In addition, they can remember the track of the downed birds. They also follow the whistle commands.
They are used to locate and flush the game for a hunter. They have great temperaments and extraordinary hunting skills .Moreover; they are also used for pheasant hunting. They are trained to work within the range of gun.
Pointing Breeds:
They are more efficient then Spaniels. Moreover, they are used to find and point at small games. Thus, they allow hunters to grab and flush the game.
They are small in size and used for small hunting game. They hunt in packs and bark on tree to alert the users.

They are famous for mammals hunting. First they locate and trap the mammals. Moreover, they hunt them. At times, they go underground to hunt.
They are used to chase, scent and flush out foxes and other similar dwelling animals. They also hunt rabbits. Some hunters use them for deer and hares hunting.